Polygonal Bellows

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    Fuelles poligonales
    fuelle plegado para guias
    Fuelles poligonales


    Polygonal Bellows

    The polygonal bellows are protections made from folded fabric and rigid PVC reinforcements in each fold. This type of bellows is used to protect linear guides, machine benches, racks, rods, spindles or different parts of a machine against dust, acids, oils, coolant, shavings, welding, abrasives, projections, high temperatures … Our system of manufacturing allows total adaptation to customer needs.

    At Proteval we have a range of specific fabrics for the manufacture of laser bellows.


    Technical Information


    Technical Specifications

    • Manufactured according to the customer’s drawing and indications or from the solutions developed by our technical office for each situation.
    • Non-deformable and waterproof bellows.
    • Materials that we use depending on the need for protection: PVC, polyurethane, aramid, fiberglass, Teflon …
    • Interior reinforcements on all folds. In some cases with sliding blocks, anti-wear clamps or extension limiting straps.
    • Multiple fixing options: round mouth for the clamp, metal terminals with or without holes, velcro, magnetized terminals …
    • Horizontal, vertical, inclined, inverted working position




    At Proteval we are PRO CLIENTS. And we like to continuously improve to provide the best service. For this reason, we asked an Independent Institute – Invest Group – to carry out a market study in order to recognize the level of service satisfaction Proteval is offering.

    We are PROACTIVE. We prefer to know what we do well and what needs to be improved in order to seek excellence.

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