Roll-Up Covers

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    Roll-Up covers

    Roll-Up covers are very simple to install and they are a key safety element to ensure the best performance in the work environment. Our Roll-Up covers are flexible and retrofitted, once installed, the fabric stays fully taut.

    Its main advantages are fast installation and easy cleaning. Excellent extension-compression rate. It requires little room and it also acts as a deterrent.

    They are used to protect guides, lathes, spindles, or as security elements for machines, lift tables, and also as protection for workers against entrapment.

    We have a wide variety of materials that protect from the aggression of grease and oil, hydrocarbons, dust, welding, hot chips, high temperature …material

    We manufacture Roll-Up covers tailor-made with housing and without housing.

    Roll-Up covers

    Technical Specifications


    Technical Specifications

    • Are ideal for horizontal, vertical, or frontal use.
    • We manufacture according to working conditions in PVC (different colors), transparent PVC, polyurethane, aramid, silicone, fiberglass….
    • They protect from the aggression of grease and oil, hydrocarbons, dust, welding, hot chips, high temperatures …
    • Fixing: the fabric band can be fixed by flat or L-shaped steel plates, with adhesive or rivets.




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