Guide-cleaning industrial bellows, Extend the life of your machinery

In any industry, the guide-cleaning bellows extend the life of the machinery and play a fundamental role since the use of the machines is linked to the day to day, and that is why a good use, cleaning and maintenance will make it possible to have stable work and production rates.

In addition, thanks to the use of this type of measures, unnecessary or unexpected expenses are avoided in relation to repair or replacement of company machinery since these expenses are usually quite expensive.

worker ready to clean bellows for industrial machinery

What are the guide cleaning bellows for?

This type of bellows for cleaning guides are mainly used to preserve and protect the guides of the machinery.

It is not surprising to know that with the use of this type of mechanical device, dirt, shavings and remains of the raw materials used can clog and damage these mobile systems. For this reason, it is important to consider that the guides that use cleaning bellows for their operation are damaged much less with the considerable benefit of extending their useful life.

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These track cleaners are designed to remove large amounts of chips and other material residues.

Guide cleaning bellows increase safety in the work environment.

This is another benefit of the use of bellows for guides since thanks to its use it is possible to greatly increase safety in the work environment.

By protecting machinery from unforeseen breakdowns, you increase the protection of your employees at the same time reducing damages that can become significant, and thus reducing the number of workplace accidents.

How to build this type of bellows

From Proteval, each one of the guide-cleaning bellows that we offer can be supplied in 1,000mm bars or from the configurations needed by our clients without any type of problem or exception, giving service from one unit for prototypes to long series without any type of inconvenient.

They are built in such a way that they have a stainless steel profile which is covered with a high-quality polyurethane gasket that makes them very resistant to wear, thus favoring sliding on the guide and improving the dragging of the different particles and materials. deposited on them, such as chips, oils and/or coolants, acids and alkaline solutions.

They achieve exceptional results and perfect operation together with their machinery. It should be said that the use of other elements such as aluminum shutters and different types of bellows is considered very important for the proper functioning of the machines, depending on what type of machinery you use for the stable, safe and correct performance of your industrial activity.

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Benefits of using Guide Cleaning Bellows.

Guide cleaning systems for machines are necessary and considered of vital importance.

We are going to list the advantages we obtain thanks to its use so, in a more visual way, we are aware of what we can achieve:

  • They allow you to save a lot in maintenance or replacement costs since by protecting the machines they work better and have fewer breakdowns, thus reducing expenses and time in repairs.
  • They help to maintain the rhythm of production and optimization of resources since by breaking down much less we do not stop the workflow, thus achieving greater benefits.
  • Adaptation, since they can be used in any model of machinery
  • They increase the safety conditions in the work environment, since they avoid possible accidents by keeping the guides clean and free of jams or obstructions.


In industries where the use of machinery is of vital importance, the systems that will make its fluid and constant production a reality should not be neglected.

For that, it is essential that you have good control of the condition, maintenance and replacement of the mobile elements that will make your machinery performance up to 100% every day.

The one dealing with us on this occasion is to make industries aware of the use of this type of guide-cleaning bellows solutions.

Just as we are attentive to the condition of the wheels of our car not to have mechanical breakdowns and make the vehicle last much longer, more comfortable handling and mainly so that we do not have an accident on the road, they should not neglect the cleaning systems for your machinery using guide-cleaning bellows to extend their life and obtain the benefits they provide us.

Do you pay attention to the condition of the bellows of your industrial machinery? If you have any questions at Proteval Aldaya we will be happy to help you.

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