You do not know what a bellows is, what types exist and what functions they fulfill in industrial machinery?

We are going to explain it so that you can see the importance they have within industrial machines.

What is an industrial bellows

We start from the premise that a bellows or accordion is a mechanical tool.

The main function of a bellows is to contain air to expel it at a certain pressure and direction to achieve different purposes, it is a deformable container or not, that when compressing it and reducing its volume, the air that was kept inside comes out through a nozzle or outlet conduit to achieve different purposes.

The bellows normally have separate air inlets and outlets, that is, they have non-return valves or check valves that ensure that the air enters in a certain direction and also leaves in a certain direction.

Bellows are also considered as a kind of pneumatic pumps.

Classification and functions of bellows in industrial machinery

Today industrial bellows are classified into two basic use classes, covering high-tech requirements to the simplest applications.

This is a classification of the classes of industrial bellows and the functions that they fulfill within our industrial machines and can be composed of different materials.

  • Connectors: The bellows that are used as connectors fulfill several functions in turn such as containing the substances that pass through the fixing points that they connect, to absorb thermal expansion or contraction, vibration and misalignment of the system that may exist in the machine. .
  • Seals: Bellows used as seals are highly necessary to protect reciprocating mechanisms and thus prevent them from being contaminated by the environment.

Types of industrial bellows that we can find for industrial machinery

Polygonal Bellows:

Bench Bellows:

They offer protection for guides and machinery benches, protect from dust, water, oils and are waterproof.

Rectangular Bellows:

They provide protection of guides, spindles, cylinders, wiring, etc. protect from dust, water, oils and are waterproof

Curtain Bellows:

These bellows protect against mechanical elements, as well as dust, water, oil and are waterproof.

Hexagonal Sleeved Bellows:

Protection of guides, cylinders, wiring, robot arm joints, … They protect from dust, water, oils and are waterproof

Flat Hexagonal Bellows:

The flat hexagonal bellows offer protection of guides, cylinders, wiring, robot arm joints, … They protect from dust, water, oils and are waterproof

Round Bellows:

They protect from dust, water, oils, acids, hydrocarbons, hot chips, high temperatures, welding, etc., as well as being waterproof.

Molded Bellows:

They provide protection of spindles, axes, pneumatic cylinders, wiring, robot arm joints, …


They provide protection for spindles, axes, pneumatic cylinders, wiring, robot arm joints, …

This type of bellows is indicated in the case of having little space for the tablet.

Heat welded and sewn:

Protection of spindles, axes, pneumatic cylinders, wiring, robot arm joints, …

They offer improvements with respect to the sewing in tightness and resistance.

Indicated in the case of having little space for the tablet.

Roll-Up Cover Belloes

With or without Housing

They are used for the protection of guides, lathes, spindles, or as safety elements in machines, lifting tables, etc., where there is little space.

They can work both horizontally, vertically or transversely. Quick installation and cleaning. Excellent draw length / compression ratio.

Bellows for Elevating Platforms:

Manufactured according to customer’s drawings and indications. They have non-deformable and waterproof bellows.

They protect from dust, water, oil, coolant, hydrocarbons, acid, welding, metal shavings, glass, …

Bellows for Solar Energy:

This type of bellows protects spindles in solar panels.

They also protect from dust, water and elements in the open.

They are waterproof.

They can be used for a vertical, horizontal or inclined working position.

Bellows with Stainless Sheet

Stainless steel bench bellows

Rectangular stainless bellows

They are bellows that must be manufactured according to the drawing and indications for each particular machinery, they offer protection of guides and machine benches, in addition they protect from hot chip projections.

Guide Wiper Bellows:

They can be manufactured with the configuration needed by each client.

They provide great resistance to wear, sliding on the guide dragging the different particles deposited on it.

Aluminum Blinds Bellows:

We are at your disposal.

This type of bellows is indicated for the protection of components of the installation where space is limited, as well as to protect from the fall of coolant and especially from sharp or hot chips.

Aluminum blinds can be made hollow or solid, riveted or screwed.

From Proteval Aldaya, once again, we hope to have solved your doubts in the range of industrial bellows for your company’s machinery and that it will be useful if you need them.

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