With Casing
1 – Metal sasing
2 – Spring
3 – Tensioning system
4 – Fabric
5 – Clamping end
6 – Metal tube
Without Casing
1 – Fabric
2 – Clamping end
3 – Fastening / Anchoring
4 – Metal tube
5 – Spring

• Ideal for the application of Royal Decree 1215/1997, of July 18, establishing the minimum health and safety requirements for the use of work equipment by workers.

• Used for protecting guides, lathes, spindles, or as safety elements in machines, lift tables, etc. where there is little space.

• Working position can be horizontal, vertical or transverse.

• Manufactured under working conditions in PVC (various colors), transparent PVC, polyurethane, aramid, silicone, fiberglass, etc.

• Protection from assault by fats and oils, hydrocarbons, dust, welding, hot chips, high temperature, etc.

• Depending on the width of the band of fabric and the development we wish to achieve, a roller with a diameter of 30, 40, 50, 70 or 90 mm must be used.

• Its main advantages are: Quick installation and cleaning. Excellent stretching/compression ratio.