Proteval Fuelles para Maquinaria, S.L.

Proteval has over 25 years experience manufacturing high quality machine tool protection and bellows.

Proteval is comprised by a highly qualified technical and management team. We share a strong commitment to continuous innovation in materials, designs, new products; always meeting the particular needs our customers face.

Our bellows are designed for the protection of your machinery, ensure safety and improve the efficiency of your machinery while you are reducing your machinery maintenance costs.

Proteval is more than a bellows and machine tool protection manufacturer, we are commit to give to our clients and partners:

1. Total adaptability to the client. We manufacture as always adapting to our customers needs. We also have a standard online help in most cases, when it comes to simple protection, application.

2. Manufacturing flexibility. Because we have a very flexible manufacturing system we can make from 1 piece up to large batches, without any problem.

3. Higher quality standards. We work with the highest standards of quality that has enabled work with leading industrial companies in more than 10 countries.

4. The fastest service. We know our client needs a fast response to their needs so our commitment is to provide our customers with immediate answers. For this reason we are committed to submit budgets valued at less than 24 hours from the receipt thereof and times well below the industry average delivery.

5. High engineering and technical capacity. We have an experienced technical office which enables us to provide technical solutions to our customers.


1.    The main customers of PROTEVAL are machinery manufacturers, machinery maintenance and repairing companies

2.    Kind of machines:

a.    Laser cutting machines.

b.    Water cutting machines.

c.    Drilling machine

d.   Milling machine

e.    Lathes / lathes cnc

f.     Cnc centers

g.   Plasma cutting machines

h.   Grinding machines

i.     Boring machines

j.     Measuring machines

                   k.    ….

International presence:

Thanks to our customers and local partners, our machine tool protection systems and bellows are present in more than 25 countries.