Thank you to our sponsor Proteval who is an expert doing bellows protetion

Standard line

This section is designed to facilitate the work of our customers. See references and characteristics of standard pieces we manufacture and benefit from a more adjusted delivery time. Failure to suit your needs can go to our bellows to measure, polygonal bellows, round bellows, roller covers ... etc.    see more

Polygonal bellows

The bellows we manufacture are designed to meet strict requirements that are essential for machinery manufacturers. We have a wide range of materials such as PVC, polyurethane, fibreglass, Kevlar ...   see more

Round bellows

The bellows with this configuration can be cylindrical or cone-cylindrical. The mooring mouths can have a flat bridle in order to enable them to be screwed onto a surface, round for fastening collars (clamps), or both; one at each end.    see more

Bellows for Hoisting Platform

Reinforced bellows, specially developed for this application.    see more

Bellows for solar trackers axes

Proteval has extensive experience in solar tracking systems protection. These bellows are manufactured with weatherproof UV-resistant materials, thermic welded and sewn.    see more

Roller Covers

The ideal protection for implementing the Royal Decree 1215/1997, July 18th, which governs the minimum health and safety requirements.      see more

Water jet cutting

The waterjet cutting system achieves precision mechanizing impossible to manufacture by any other means.    see more